About us

Bike Rental Bali is a local Balinese owned company that strives itself on the loyalty and respect of Balis people to holiday makers. Knowing how valuable tourists are to Bali, we want to be part of making your visit special and making sure an important part of your trip is in our hands.

Bike Rental Bali was launched in 2021 and the team behjind it have been in the tourism industry for 20+ years. Their extensive knowledge of Bali and its customs / people is second to none and look forward to helping each and every tourist that uses Bike Rental Bali.

Fun and affordable way to see beautiful Bali.

HATI HATI!! (Be careful) 😁

All our employees speak English and we are ready to take care of you.

Rent A Bike – Make Memories… ENJOY OUR BEAUTIFUL BALI!