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Rental services for motorcycles and scooters made simple to book in Bali, Indonesia.
To conveniently and safely explore lovely Bali, you can hire your motorbike or scooter online at Bike Rental Bali


Scooter is the most popular and cozy motorbike type for rent in Bali. Mopeds are very fittable for every person, just few days and you ride like a pro. Book a scooter with us and enjoy your holiday in Bali island. We have different mopeds ready to go - Honda Beat, Honda Scoopy, Honda Vario 125, Honda Vario 150 and more.
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Maxi Scooters

In this category we have different maxi scooters for rent in Bali. Riding a maxi scooter is a real road treat. They are very comfortable for driver and passenger and you can travel everywhere around Bali with pleasure. You can rent Yamaha Nmax, Yamaha Aerox, Yamaha Xmax with Bike Rent Bali
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Motor Bikes

Motorbike in Bali is a perfect choice for experienced riders. Book online Kawasaki Ninja, Kawasaki Z250, Kawasaki Pulsar or Kawasaki KLX and get your bike delivered to your hotel with full-face helmets and insurance. Rent motorbike and be fast, stylish and safe with Bike Rent Bali
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About the company

Bike Rental Bali is a local Balinese owned company that strives itself on the loyalty and respect of Balis people to holiday makers. Knowing how valuable tourists are to Bali, we want to be part of making your visit special and making sure an important part of your trip is in our hands.

Bike Rental Bali was launched in 2021 and the team behjind it have been in the tourism industry for 20+ years. Their extensive knowledge of Bali and its customs / people is second to none and look forward to helping each and every tourist that uses Bike Rental Bali.

A place where reliability and quality come first

We go above and beyond at Bike Rental Bali to make renting a motorcycle on Bali simple and convenient for you.
  • We give you the platform to easily rent a scooter or motorcycle online in Bali;
  • You specify the location and time for delivery, and when you arrive, the scooter will be prepared;
  • Upon your return, leave your hired scooter or motorbike at any Bali hotel or resort, and we will come and get it;
  • We have proficient English-speaking personnel
  • To ensure your trip to Bali is secure and easy, we may offer insurance coverage;
  • With us, you’ll have a fantastic time renting a bike or scooter in Bali.
  Bali Island = Heaven…. 

Bali, commonly referred to as the island of the gods, is mystical and enchanting. The island of Indonesia is the ideal vacation spot. It is renowned for its breathtaking tropical beaches, crater lakes, breathtaking rice terraces, historic palaces and temples, incredible coral reefs, unmatched architecture, complex religious celebrations, unique flowers, and vibrant Balinese culture.

Bali Island is one of the most well-liked island destinations for travelers from all over the world because it offers top-notch surfing and diving spots, a wealth of cultural historical and archeological monuments, and a huge variety of hotels, villas, and resorts. Bali routinely receives accolades for its tourism from many publications and organizations because of this as well.

It’s astonishing that Bali has over 20000 temples, and that at least two spectacular celebrations are held annually in each of them. This means that everyone who travels has a wonderful opportunity to both experience the very spiritual and distinctive feeling of Hindu culture and to just have a fantastic time.

Transportation in Bali

Generally speaking, it’s not all that simple to get around Bali “free and easy” with alternate modes of transportation. The issue is not a lack of taxis or “bemos,” which are chauffeur-driven rental cars, they are plentiful in Bali. You should remember that there is almost always a detour to the souvenir shop that pays commissions, and the same is true for restaurant recommendations you receive from your (taxi) driver since they typically earn him commission as well. If you dare, you can attempt to travel by public transportation, such as buses or minibuses, but these vehicles are frequently crowded, and you will be required to follow a “schedule” that is neither dependable nor practical and may even prevent you from taking in the lovely sights and impressions you would otherwise want to remember from your trip.

Renting a motorbike or scooter is actually the finest option for seeing Bali’s authentic energy. The fastest and most comfortable way to go about is this. With a rental motorbike or scooter, you may travel practically anywhere in Bali. In a short period of time, it is possible to see parks, temples, beaches, rice fields, or any other site in Bali. By renting a motorbike or scooter, you may travel around Bali with greater flexibility and make the most of your limited vacation time.